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About C.A.L.L.

Carlisle Area Little League is committed to ensuring that the players in our league play and practice in the safest environment we can provide. We want nothing more than for your children to enjoy their experience while learning the game that we all love.

The Month's Events

Meet Our Board's Officers

Additional Board Members and Information

Umpire in Chief - Roger Morrison

Fall Ball Commissioner - Matt Killian

Teener Commissioner - Duane Bupp

Majors Co-Commissioner - Jesse Clepper

Majors Co - Commissioner - Ryan Meldrum

AAA Commissioner - Gary Stackfield

AA Commissioner - Marc Thorne

A Commissioner - Charlie Doebler

Teeball Commissioner - Drew Frohm

Member at Large - Owen Snyder

Member at Large - Mike Fischer

Member at Large - Stephanie Peacock

Member at Large - Chelsea Stackfield

Board meetings are open to the public.  They are held the second Wednesday of each month at Kimberly's Cafe at 7pm.
Large Lawn

Field Locations

Youth Field - Letort

260 East Pomfret Street, Carlisle

Crestview Fields

240 Longs Gap Road, Carlisle

Buddy Field

355 South Bedford Street, Carlisle

Mount Holly Fields

115 West Butler Street, Mt. Holly Springs

Spring 2023 Teams

Thanks to our 2023 team sponsors:

Juniors - Team Black

Majors - Team Burkholder

Juniors - Team Doebler

Majors - Team Carriaga

Majors - Team Stackfield

Juniors - Team Showers

Majors - Team Thorne


AAA - Team Deatrick


AAA - Team Garner

AAA - Team Howard

AAA - Team McCord

AAA - Team Merkel

AA - Team Brandenberg


AA - Team Doebler

mt holly beverage.jpg

AA - Team Fischer

AA - Team Killian

AA - Team Rhinehart

A - Team Fisher

A - Team Flenner

A - Team Frohm

A - Team Morales

A - Team Simonetti

Tee Ball - Team Altomonte

state farm dan collision_edited.jpg

Tee Ball - Team Failor

Tee Ball - Team Genao

Tee Ball - Team Hershey

Tee Ball - Team Killian

Tee Ball - Team Kulp

Tee Ball - Team Pote

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